Compassionate Support

At Reliance Center, we offer compassionate support through our counseling services for men, women, and couples. We have a licensed counselor on staff to discuss a variety of situations and circumstances.



Our traditional counseling services offer a wide range of topics covered during one-on-one sessions. No matter your needs, we are here to listen and help you. Our program includes the following topics:

Relationship & Marriage

You and your partner will learn the habits of healthy relationships and discuss any current problems you may be having in a safe, and non-judgmental environment. We are here to help your relationship thrive.


Marriage is a lifetime commitment, which means it’s important that you are sure of your decision. Our counselor will guide you through exercises that allow you and your partner to discuss important topics such as intimacy, finances, children and more in a neutral setting.

Healthy Relationships

As part of our marriage and relationship counseling, we will discuss the meaning of healthy relationships and how to incorporate healthy habits into your relationship, like learning how to communicate effectively.


Whatever you are going through, our counselor is here to listen. Whether you are grieving a loss, experiencing depression, or just need to talk to a trusted professional, our one-on-one counseling is available.


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